A Process Reengineering i* Modelling Tool
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Overview of PRiM
The Tool Framework
Phase 1: Analysis of the Current Process
Phase 2: Construction of the i* Model
Phase 3: Generation of alternatives
Phase 4: Evaluation of Alternatives

J-PRiM at the i* wiki

Last Update:
September 2006
by Gemma Grau


The Tool Framework

J-PRiM is a tool for supporting i* modelling, focusing on the use of the PRiM methodology.

The i* framework is a consolidated approach both in academia and industry that it is broadly applied in fields such as requirements engineering, organizational analysis or business process reengineering. The i* framework proposes the use of Strategic Dependency models (SD) and Strategic Rational (SR) models for representing socio-technical systems.

The Reference i* model supported by the tool is:

The requirements for J-PRiM are:
  • Programming language: JAVA
  • Development environment: Eclipse
  • Database: MySQL
The following SD model shows some of the dependencies of J-PRiM: