A Process Reengineering i* Modelling Tool
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Overview of PRiM
The Tool Framework
Phase 1: Analysis of the Current Process
Phase 2: Construction of the i* Model
Phase 3: Generation of alternatives
Phase 4: Evaluation of Alternatives

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Last Update:
September 2006
by Gemma Grau


Phase 1: Analysis of the Current Process

  • The analysis of the current process is done by dividing the process in its activities and analyse each activity separately.
  • The tool allows defining the activities that decompose the process in the activity list and, for each activity to state the actors involved in the activity and the activity description.
  • The course of actions of the activity is described as in use cases but using an specific notation, that we call Detailed Interaction Scripts (DIS for short).
  • The DIS artefact structure the information by means of:
    • Preconditions, postconditions and triggering events
    • Actions that compose the activity
    • Actors, Resources involved in Actions

  • In order to allow reusability the tool also provides an actor catalogue.
  • It is possible to define different actors, stating its name, short-name, kind (Human, Software, Hardware and Organization), and description. If the actor is software it is also possible to establish the software domain where it belongs to.
  • It is possible to sort the catalogue in alphabetical order or by kind and to search the actors in it.