A Process Reengineering i* Modelling Tool
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Overview of PRiM
The Tool Framework
Phase 1: Analysis of the Current Process
Phase 2: Construction of the i* Model
Phase 3: Generation of alternatives
Phase 4: Evaluation of Alternatives

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Last Update:
September 2006
by Gemma Grau


Phase 4: Evaluation of Alternatives

Choosing suitable properties and defining metrics over the models

The first step for evaluating the alternatives is to choose the more relevant properties and also the most appropriate metrics for evaluating them.

The properties and the metrics are stored in the properties catalogue in order to allow reusability.

The tool allows defining two different kinds of metrics: actor-based and dependency-based metrics, depending on which of those i* elements we focus.

The following forms show how to define a dependency-based metric by giving weight to each of the kind of dependencies. Correction Filters are applied by giving weight to each of the actors related with the dependency.

Evaluating the alternative models

For evaluating the alternatives the tool allows selecting the models and properties to be taken into account for the evaluation and then, calculates the evaluation results.

Trade-off analysis of the results is needed in order to choose the most appropriate alternative.