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Last Update:
September 2006
by Gemma Grau



REDEPEND-REACT is an extension of the i* modelling tool REDEPEND that supports the generation and evaluation of i* models.
The activities supported by REDEPEND-REACT involve building the i* SD model, defining the properties and evaluating the architectures. Also some extra features, such as the construction of a properties catalogue, an actors catalogue and a components catalogue, are provided in order to promote reusability, supporting return on investment.

REDEPEND-REACT also supports the following functionalities:
  • General extensions: They have been developed to support the REACT functionality but they can also be useful when using REDEPEND. They allow to:
    • Organize Dependency Shapes
    • Convert an SR into an SD
    • Duplicate Current Page

  • REACT functionalities: They are specific for supporting the generation and evaluation of alternative architectural models.
    • The Actor Catalogue Stencil
    • The COTS Catalogue Stencil
    • The Properties Catalogue Stencil
    • Architectures Wizard
    • Evaluate Current Architecture
    • Evaluate All Generated Architectures
    • Remove Generated Architectures

  • PRiM functionalities: The REACT method is included in a more general framework that includes precise guidelines for constructing the i* models, some functionality have been added to help this guided construction of models.
    • Create the actor SR model by following the PRiM method
    • Export architectures to EXCEL