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A Reengineering Framework for Informing Decisions over Requirements Models

It is a well known fact that the decisions taken in the early stages of the Information Systems Development process, affects the quality of the final product. Because of that, there are many proposals that address the evaluation of the Information System properties at the requirements stages, by using different models and metrics to measure them. However, most of the proposals do not address all the aspects that have to be considered for such analysis: the construction of the models; the link of the models with requirements; the exploration of alternatives, the definition of metrics for evaluating the alternatives; and, the possible reuse of the final model. The main goal of this thesis is to provide a framework for the effective and reliable generation and evaluation of alternatives in order to inform decisions over requirements models. With this aim, we propose a method that addresses Information Systems Development as a Business Process Reengineering practice. The method is based on well-known Requirements Engineering and Business Process Reengineering techniques and uses i* as its modelling framework.