| Abstract|

Using the PRiM method to Evaluate Requirements Models with COSMIC-FFP

The COSMIC-FFP is a standard method that has been proven effective for measuring the functional size of business applications and real-time software systems from their functional user requirements specification. Despite of this, the methods based on COSMIC-FFP usually require a mapping between the concepts in the requirements specification and their own terms and do not take into account non-functional requirements. On the other hand, PRiM is a method that aims at assessing non-functional properties at the early stages of the development process. PRiM uses the i* framework to model the functional and non-functional requirements in terms of actors and dependencies among them. In this paper we present how the i* constructs proposed in PRiM can be adapted to measure the functional size using COSMIC-FFP and, as PRiM works with requirements and allows the evaluation of non-functional properties, there is a remarkable benefit when using both methods altogether.